Oh my god, now what?

In the final months of university I was so overwhelmed with the last few pieces of coursework that making a ‘plan’ for what happens next just didn’t happen, at all. I am a self professed terrible multitasker, and getting wrapped up in my work was subconsciously an excellent strategy to avoid making plans and decisions for the future. But the deadlines came, and went. The feedback came and went, the last day came and was over before I knew it.

I woke up the following Monday and literally had no idea what to do with myself.

To summarize, these were my thoughts on the end of my university adventure;

1. YAY no more deadlines

2. No more student loans (AAAAHH)

3. Did I pay my library fine?

4. I will miss my tutors, well most of them

5. Now I can invest my time to Netflix

6. Am I a professional yet?

I felt like a fledgling bird awaiting the smush on the pavement. I am still teetering on the edge of the branch waiting to jump off. Writing is such a self motivated career and many writers are self employed and work on a freelance basis, which is pretty overwhelming. University prepared me for most of the post student – self employed transition, but it doesnt make starting out any easier.

I am making plans and researching future career options currently. I  officially finished uni one month ago and I feel like this is still the ‘recovery’ period. I didn’t go to Glasto this year so sitting on the internet trying to be an adult and work out my life seems like an adequate substitute.

– In other news, I DID pay my library fine, so that’s something

The Hi in Hiatus

After finishing Uni my brain finally regained some stability. I loved my degree, but boy am I glad its over.

So Hi! I am officially back to blogging in a (hopefully) more professional manner.

Its the beginning of summer, I am planning the next 5 years of my life and ready to blog about anything and everything.

Here goes !

Winter blues

This year more than any other I have felt really fed up of the cold.
I don’t have a car currently so every venture out is an ordeal of trains taxis and busses.
The snow came at the end of January and everywhere was icey/impossible. It pushes my anxiety really high and I just feel housebound. I love the springtime and the summer and even autumn is fine with me, but the snow and the blizzard weather are genuinely terrifying. I started making lists of all the things I wanted to do this summer, or things I want to do by this summer. And I was really motivated. I also bought some Birkenstocks in the Amazon sales (they were ironically delivered when it was snowing here!) so I’m well prepared for the sunshine – whenever it actually gets here! Last year I couldn’t get hold of any Rio’s at all and they were sold out everywhere so snapping these up for £20 was totally fine with me 😁


Knee tattoo


So when it was time to book another blastover appointment I wanted my knee to be next. Partly to get it out the way because I knew it would be painful and because I’m working around my leg, so knee being the last front gap made sense too.
I was really scared for this one, and I had a lot of ideas for what should go over it. As a person who has over 20 roses already including my other knee, I really wanted to avoid them. I love the ones I have and don’t regret them one bit. I just wanted to use the space as creatively as possible. I told my artist I wanted a non symmetrical bear and left the details to him. The symmetrical animal heads that I have seen look great on people with normal knees, but they also look kind of the same? And I
1. Have Dennis the menace knobbly knees
2. Wanted something different that could still be a blast over.

I loved the stencil instantly and although it doesn’t cover the full tattoo it fills the space exactly how I wanted it. I’m going to get a smaller filler on my inner knee next time. We tried to get the stencil the other way round by my knobbly knees made it look odd.

Now, pain. It didn’t hurt as badly as my other knee, it wasn’t pleasant by any means but my other knee was coloured as well and so it had more skin trauma. Blast overs seem to be faster. It bled quite badly and I could feel it swelling as he finished, but It was totally worth it.


These photos are (clockwise) the first evening (around 6 hours after it was done) really red and swollen, the next mornings swelling, and a photo from a week later showing yellow bruising.
The swelling wasn’t fun. I took ibuprofen for a week and arnica tablets. Both help the body heal and reduce swelling, I went back to work two days after and I have a active job so I wanted to help reduce the discomfort as much as possible!

It also shows the arnica tablets I used. Arnica is a natural herbal medicine and is safe for most people – however I am not a doctor and I advice everyone to read all the information that comes with them or consult professional medical advice if there are any concerns. Arnica comes in cream form as well but it is not advised for new tattoos and can affect the healing process. The tablets are just as effective and easily available and do not affect the scabbing process of healing tattoos.

I would recommend them to people having tattoo similar to this and I found them really effective. My next appointment is in two weeks and I will keep you posted with my progress! 😁

Uni update


All the stress was worth it. I got my first! I really feel lost with uni sometimes so this is a big deal for me. 3 more assignments to go before I graduate. Terrifying/exciting all at once !

Christmas update


I can’t believe this is my first post since November! I have been so busy with christmas and new year. It’s just one of those things where blogging was the last thing I thought about. But here we are! February! I made a resolution to blog more and so I will be having a catch up over the next few days! Christmas was wonderful but chaotic, I worked over the christmas days and picked up a chest infection which was rubbish. I got lots of lovely gifts and managed to eat a Christmas dinner which was great! I was so stressed with uni work that I had fallen behind on and actual job work that I found it hard to enjoy if I’m honest. Here’s to a wonderful 2015!

Procrastination Queen


Tomorrow I am back at uni after reading week. It’s really crept up on me. Today I got lots done and avoided starting research, which I will start tomorrow (I promise) !

I baked an amazing Nutella swirl cake, washed both my kankens and sorted through all my patches and pins.

Alfie harassed me (brought me all of his toys and lead and my dog walking bag and his tennis ball) into taking him for a walk but actually it was good to get some air.

Sometimes you need a day of simple stuff before you take on an information overload…

Blast over update


My blast overs are coming along great!
So far I have one side and the shin covered. I’m really happy about it, and the end is in sight! We get so much done each time I go and I totally trust the artist to help with the placement and sizing of the designs. This is where I am so far and I am adding to it all in January.
I will be getting my knee done too and seeing how well knitted this leg is makes me want to fill the gaps on my other leg!
Ultimately it’s better than I could have ever hoped for. I cannot wait to see the finished result.



I’ve always liked hands. I used to draw them all over my school book covers and sketch all the tattoos id have once I turned 18. (I still haven’t and probably will never have tattooed hands!)

It’s coming up to the first anniversary of when I met James. I know not everyone can believe in true love or love at first sight but it really was that for us. The first day I met him he grabbed my hand and I felt an instant connection. As powerful as being struck by lightening.
I don’t think I will ever forget how incredible that felt. I still feel it every time we hold hands.
As a result of this, I take a million photos of us holding hands. I can’t help myself. I just love the imagery and the connection of emotional and physical significance. It’s love, trust and a bond all symbolised in one gesture.
I think that’s why I take so many pictures of it. It represents everything we have.

Simple thoughts


I couldn’t sleep. I stared at my dresser for a good while and then I just thought, what does this say about me?
How many handcreams and lotions does one girl need? (Editor note- I am
Not covered in scales/a dragon) I think it’s got slightly irrational now but I’m healing tattoos and trying to take more care of myself. An alarm clock – goes without saying. Books for pre sleep relaxing and pens to write down dreams and ideas. I like to save dreams and ideas, I think the best ones come when you are relaxed and sleeping but I can’t always remember them! I still don’t know quite what it says, or means or how it reflects my personality. I still can’t sleep. But I made an effort to blog which was more productive than I planned to be this evening/morning.